Stephen Clarke

Olympic Dressage Judge (at London 2012!)



"At shows and competitions I see so many riders using saddles that don't fit. There's no way a horse can perform properly if they are in pain or restricted by the fit of the saddle. This kit should put an end to that."

Frank Baines

Master Saddler and past president of the Society of Master Saddlers says:



"It is just great to see someone giving all the right information needed. We make Saddles for customers all over the world and this helps with the Saddle measuring information required. It makes the job a lot easier to do and understand."

Campbell Thompson

British Equestrian Team Vet for the SYDNEY OLYMPICS 
Nantwich Vet Group Equine Centre


"Horses were not designed to carry people! Over the generations, we have obviously selected those horses that coped best with being ridden, but it is still not a natural activity. We have a moral obligation to transfer our weight on to the horse in the most comfortable fashion possible, this means a correct size and fit of saddle for each individual which allows the horse to still move in a natural pain free way. The 'Perfect fit' Kit is a simple but comprehensive and accurate way for any of us to check the fit of any saddle to any horse and just as important to re-check each season that it continues to fit as the saddle or horse change shape."


Kathryn Angus 


Hi Clare
Well I've used the kit on three of our gg's so far and it's just fantastic.
It's very easy to use, with the instructions being very comprehensive. From having saddle fitters out to fit from scratch the process always seemed a bit complicated, but your kit has really demystified a lot of it for me.
Being able to see where the saddle doesn't fit the horse is great and being able to create a history of templates for each horse is going to be very helpful.
So congrats on a great product—would recommend this kit to anyone who has a horse.
Cheers Kathryn

Janette Keeley



Janette with her horse "Constantly Amazed"

"As a chiropractor of 15 years standing I have seen and treated a lot of horses with back problems and a lot of these have been caused by ill fitting saddles, if the owners had access to a simple way of checking their saddle fit a lot of distress to the horse would have been eliminated, now we have a product that will do just that well done for thinking of it."



Dave Johnson

Master Saddler of The Saddle Company

"Saddles should be checked regularly, at least every spring and autumn. If every owner and rider used this kit, and the information provided in it, ALL horses would improve."

Clare Ellam

Equine Thermographer – The Inner Picture


"To optimise performance and balance of both horse and rider it is paramount that the saddle should fit both horse and rider perfectly, the perfect fit kit is an inexpensive and useful addition to the yard."