Horse Problems

Horses are constantly communicating with us and they do this most powerfully when they do something we consider to be a problem.

When they are unhappy they show this unhappiness in their behaviour. Kicking, biting, bucking, bolting are all evidence of an unhappy horse and usually a horse that is trying to change something in their lives. Most often they will display this behaviour if they are in pain and want to escape the pain. The pain they want to escape from will very often be caused by a badly fitted saddle. Their owners wouldn't deliberately cause pain to their horses, but they may cause inadvertent pain caused by their lack of knowledge. Unfortunately knowledge about saddle fitting has been kept from the riding fraternity. It is only taught by the pony club, riding clubs and the BHS in a very limited form. When you see the kit you will be amazed at how straightforward it is to check the saddle's fit and even more amazed that no one told you about it before. You'll also be shocked to discover that you should have been checking the fit of the saddle every few weeks.

It's reckoned that over 65% of horses are ridden in saddles that don't fit properly. It's ignorance that causes this situation, nothing else. The Perfect Fit Saddle Fitting Kit gives valuable, easy to understand information and the tools to check and recheck the saddle's fit. If everyone had access to it, then many of the problems described in this section wouldn't happen. If everyone had access to it then those many horses that are subjected to pain because of our ignorance would no longer be in pain.