kit-3.jpgClip close bag (top left) This is a convenient place to store all the elements of the kit, particularly the template cards when you have measured your horse/pony on them. Keep it nearby, so you'll remember to check your horse and saddle frequently. We suggest you hang it under your saddle.

Template cards (top right) There are three of these. On for the wither area, one for the back area (parallel to the spine) and one for the cantle area.

Flexible curve (upper middle) This plastic ruler can be bent to the shape of your horse. It will keep its shape as you transfer it to the appropriate template card.

Part 1 instructions (lower right) This is a 16 page booklet with much information about saddle fitting

Part 2 instructions (lower left) This is an A4 encapsulated double sided sheet with step by step instructions. It is designed to be taken out to the yard to help you through the stages of saddle fitting

Chalk. You will mark your horse and your saddle with this according to the instructions

template-set6.jpgTHE TEMPLATE SET

We produce the Template Set for those people who have more than one horse.  If you already have one saddle fitting kit, you don't need another for your other horses.  All you need is the three template cards and the bag for storing them.