Checking for Horse Symmetry in Saddle Fitting

Horse assymetry

It's very important to check for your horse's symmetry. Any asymmetry will have to be carefully taken into account when finding or making a saddle. The Perfect Fit Saddle Fitting Kit gives you the tools for very earily checking if the measurements on both side of the horse are the same.

To check the withers and cantle areas, when you've taken the templates there, simply fold them in two along the fold and look to see if both sides are the same. If they are not your horse is not symmetrical.


The templates above show a lack of symmetry in the wither and cantle area

To check the area under the spine for symmetry, after you have made the back template, all you do is place the upper part of the back template on the other side of your horse in the same position.  It should fit perfectly – if it doesn't, this will also mean that your horse is asymmetric.

Make sure that your saddle fitter and saddler are aware of any of these area of lack of symmetry so that they can be compensated for in the fit of the saddle.