Checking Your Horse’s Shape Change

Saddle Shape Change

All stuffed saddles can change their shape over time. As the stuffing compacts they change shape and become wider, causing the saddle to sit lower at the front.  This affects the balance of the saddle and also the balance of the rider and will throw his or her weight forward onto the horse's wither. Also, because the saddle doesn't fit it will create painful pressure points on the horse's wither area.

When you measure your horse you will eventually create templates that fit your saddle. Those templates represent the shape of your saddle at that moment in time.  The aim is to keep it fitting just like it does then, but as time goes by and as a saddle is ridden on, the stuffing will compact and no longer be the shape it was originally. A saddle's stuffing will compact more quickly if it is used more often or if the rider is heavier. A saddle's stuffing will also compact more quickly if the stuffing or the saddle is new. Check the templates against your saddle every few months and more often if the stuffing is new.

withers measurement check

Back measurement check

Cantle measurement check

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