Saddle Fitting Difficult Horse Shapes

DIFFICULT HORSES TO FIT.  Horses with very wide backs are often difficult to fit, but only because there are relatively few saddles that are made in very wide wither fittings.

The most difficult horses to fit are those whose backs are not parallel to the ground – they are either uphill or downhill.  Most horse's backs are pretty much parallel to the ground, so when the saddle is put on it will also be parallel to the ground. This is essential for balancing the weight of the rider.  If a horse's back is sloping, the saddle will follow that slope throwing the rider's weight completely out of balance.  This can be remedied in two ways: either the saddle can be lifted into the horizontal position by pads or when the saddler is making the saddle he or she can lift it with more stuffing so that it lifts it up where it is low.