Cair-system.jpgAir Filled Saddle – Saddle Fitting

AIR FILLED SADDLES.  There are two basic sorts of air filled saddles.

Cair system. There are two independently sealed Air Cushions within each Saddle Panel. Air is captured within foam and sealed.

A Cair retailer can alter the balance of these inserts.

flair-saddle.jpgThe other type of air filled saddle (Flair system)  is completely filled with air, like two panel shaped balloons, though there are actually four air bags within them. These air bags can be adjusted by inflating with a pump or deflating them. The air panels easily mould themselves to the shape of the horse, so it is very comfortable. However, not all horses like the feel of them.

Both of these saddles are conventionally shaped and very suitable for measuring with The Perfect Fit Saddle Fitting Kit


Flair Air Filled Saddles

Flair® is a system of four sealed air bags.