GP Saddles

gp-saddle.jpgThese are saddles that are designed to be used for both jumping and dressage and The Perfect Fit Saddle Fitting Kit is suitable to use with them.  Their design is something between those two saddles. They have a slightly forward knee rolls to allow the rider's knee some support in the forward jumping seat. The Perfect Fit Saddle Fitting Kit can be used with GP Saddles.  The GP is a typical entry level saddle where riders are not sure if they want to jump or do flat work or perhaps they want to do both to a limited level and, of course, they are very suitable for hacking.  Most riders who specialize in show jumping will use a show jumping saddle.  Dressage riders will usually use a dressage saddle and event riders will usually use both types of saddle.

When we look at the saddle from the side, our instructions state that the saddle should not lie above or in front of the shoulder. The General Purpose Saddle has forward knee rolls which are in front of this line. However, the knee rolls are not rigid, as the tree does not run through them. If you get hold of the knee roll and bend it, you will see how flexible it is. This means that it places no pressure on the shoulder and can safely and comfortably lie over it.