Treeless Saddle Fitting


The greatest advantage of all treeless saddles is that, because they are not rigid, they won't cause painful pressure points on the horse's back. A rigid treed saddle if not properly fitted will cause pressure points.
The only truly treeless saddle is a felt pad.


 This completely moulds itself to the shape of the horse, which can be a wonderful advantage.  However, there are some disadvantages.  Because of this complete flexibility, the saddle in no way spreads the weight of the rider.  Where the rider is very lightweight – like a child -  this not a problem, but with heavier riders, their weight will press down on only one spot on the horse's back which may be uncomfortable for the horse. You would not use our saddle fitting kit on a felt pad.

Most treeless saddles are not completely inflexible.  The fabric of the saddle creates a partial rigidity which will spread the weight of the rider to some degree. Because of this it is a good idea to measure these saddles to make sure that they fit your horse. Our saddle fitting kit will be suitable for this.