The Western Saddle Fitting Kit

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The Clip close bag

Keep this with your saddle, with all the contents, particularly the measured template card.  That way they are easily to hand to check to see if your horse has changed shape or if your saddle needs re-stuffing.  Remember to do this frequently if you think your horse may have changed shape or if your horse's diet or exercise programme has changed.



The Flexible curve and the wither template


The flexible curve is a bendy ruler that has shape holding properties.  Put it onto your horse in the areas shown and press it gently, but firmly, onto the shape of your horse.  You will then lift it  off and place it on the wither template card to draw and cut out its shape. You will put the moulded curve directly onto other areas of your saddle to see if  your saddle is the same shape as your horse.

The template card is stiff enough to hold its shape when it's cut out and put under the saddle. 

Part 1 instructions

A 16 page booklet with lots of information about western saddle fitting The instructions tells you how to use the kit, but it also has a lot of  great information about other aspects of western saddle fitting.  It will help you know if the saddle is balanced and comfortable on your horse's back. It tells you how to check the symmetry of the horse and of the saddle, the condition of the saddle and the pad and much more.  It is important that you read this through properly before measuring your horse.


Part 2 Instructions

To take to the barn. This is a double sided, A4 encapsulated sheet with step by step instructions on how to use the kit. Take this out to your horse when you do the measuring. It's waterproof, so you can easily keep it clean.




You'll use the chalk to show where to measure the horse, marking the back of the shoulder and the horse's loin and a line that runs 3 1/2 inches (7 1/2 cms) beneath and parallel to the horse's spine.